27 more days!

Here’s some videos for all of you to watch 🙂
take note of the way they sing it!

Seal Lullaby:

Non Nobis:


Cui Dong Cui:

Te Quiero:



When you believe:

That’s all for now!
27 more day!
Let’s all give our best!


31 more days!!


Just in case any of your do not know, our theme for MELIZO V is ‘FREEDOM AND JOY’.

FROM THE FB EVENT PAGE: MELIZO, a celebration of song and music. Freedom and Joy two things we crave and work so hard for, but what we often fail to achieve in our struggle for them. In our fight for freedom and joy often lies the demise of our inner freedom and joy. Melizo showcases and embraces music and singing, it is through song that the choristers of XM chorale find our joy and our freedom.

So we are supposed to find our joy and freedom through our singing, so let’s work hard to find and express it!
So not only will we find our joy and freedom, the audience will also be able to feel it and enjoy it as well.

It’s only 31 more days to Melizo V.
For the secondary 4s, it’s your last concert.
It’s your last concert and probably the last performance with the choir.
Especially your batchmates, it’s your last performance together.
For the Secondary 3s, it may well be your last concert too.
For the Secondary 2, your first big concert.
Melizo V, how will it turn out to be?

It all comes down to us, we are what will make the concert a success or a failure.

All our hardwork, sweat, tears, everything,
it will be expressed through this concert.

How we want the choir to be seen and looked at,
how we want others to see us as,
how we, as members of Xinmin Chorale want to feel after the concert,
I’m sure no one wants to graduate with regrets or start regretting what you could have done after the concert.

People, let’s do our best, let’s give all we can.

It’s really now or never.
Before it’s too late, let’s do what we can.
MELIZO V, we’ll make it a superb sucess!
We can do it, and we will do it!

Something for you’ll to think about,
What is choir to you?
And what are your goals for MELIZO?

Is it just singing?
Is it just getting your notes right?
Is it just attending practices?
Is it conveying your thoughts through singing to the audience?
It’s only 31 more days away, let’s do it!



Hey everyone! 🙂

To aid in our learning/mastering of the seal lullaby, there are a few things that are going to/will help us.

Firstly, the following links are to different youtube videos of each section’s parts:
All 4 sections
Piano accompaniment 

These videos will help your as like midi files to get the notes and your can sing-a-long with it.
Also, you can try singing with the all 4 sections one, to get a feel and it will be easier when we combined so we won’t get messed up by the other sections.

The next few videos will be of some choirs singing ‘The Seal Lullaby’:
(btw, there are much more on youtube, but i felt these 3 were kind of the nicest few)

Yup, these videos should help us in getting the feel/emotions/overall flow of the song and by hearing we can get the tune/notes/lyrics better too.

Lastly, a few links to some websites which have comments/information on this song:

Okay, that’s all (for now) !

Let’s all work hard together to learn this song well 🙂
And for tomorrow’s assembly performance, let’s give our best too!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Kasar Mie La Gaji

Hey Choir

I shall update here the gist of what we did for the previous practices, so please read through this and practice these before the next practice.

Bars 3 – 8: (SA) Hold the last note for two counts exact, and make sure you finish the glissando. (i.e. you should have a four-count rest before the next note)

Bars 15 – 30: (SATB) Accent on the “ka” and crescendo on the “la gaji”

Bars 31 -46: (SATB) Strive for a lost, mysterious mood. TBs, accents on “Ka” and “la”. SAs, crescendo on “gaji”

Bars 47 – 48: (S) Crescendo as you speak “mie la gaji”

Bars 51 – 55: (TBs) When you crescendo, you are building up, and as you accent, you decrescendo – sort of like you are taking steps forward then you fall.

Bars 56 – 59: (SATB) Everyone to begin forte. SAs, take note of the crescendos and decrescendos as mentioned in the previous point.

Bars 59 – 60: SAs, strive for a more heart-wrenching mood at the (ah) part. Everyone to decrescendo.

Bars 72  -75 Accents on “ka”, “mie”, “ga” to be made obvious.

Bars 76 – 87: SAs, accent on “ka” and “la”. Everyone to constantly crescendo.

Bars 88: Take note, it is suddenly soft.

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Links to Recordings

Hi Choir!



These two are the links to the various recordings done so far. Ask any choir member if they do know the password, or alternatively, you can check the private choir Facebook group for the password.

Do listen to them as much as possible!